We recommend to buy Litecoin LTC at RAMP, You can buy crypto with credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and more. Just chooseyour asset, then buy crypto directly to billing crypto wallet.

1. On the billing page, select Litecoin LTC and click the buy button

2. Open RAMP, select in which currency we will pay and copy and paste the required LTC amount from the billing page

3. After logging in or entering your email on Ramp (need a verification code), copy the wallet number from the billing page and paste it into Ramp

4. On Ramp, after entering your billing address, enter your payment information and pay the invoice

5. After 5-15 minutes, click on the “Check Transaction” button on the billing page

If you have some more questions or need some other information concerning this case you are always welcome to contact us any time.

Phenix CS